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Frank Kurer

Frank Simonin

Two of Switzerland's biggest public favourites of the last 20 years, comedian Birgit Steinegger and musician DJ Bobo, have got together for a series of commercials that will be broadcast on the local TV channel for a whole year within the entire catchment area of the Shoppi Tivoli shopping mall.

"At Home with the Bobos" is the context for the spots, which address some of the mall's main focuses of interest, such as fashion, food, kids, multimedia and sport, and were created by Shoppi Tivoli's project manager, Frank Kurer. With his ingenious idea, Frank Kurer has pulled off a major worldwide coup and, in the process, generated enormous success for the mall.  

Since the repositioning and sale of Switzerland's biggest shopping centre, Kurer has concentrated on further developing the portfolio of A&A Liegenschaften Schweiz AG, where he is in charge of preliminary project planning, marketing, letting and acquisition.  

As Project Manager with A&A Liegenschaften Schweiz AG, Frank Kurer is also responsible for various conversions and new builds in Switzerland and abroad. He is thus the contact person for external planners, architects and public authorities.

Frank Kurer likewise actively manages and develops the family-owned home office (TK Invest AG, STK PRO Holding AG, TKX Holding AG), real estate development companies (TK Liegenschaften Management AG, Boxit S.L.), the art department (Gabriel Bonfim Collection AG), shipping companies (STK PRO SouthEast doo), as well as the agricultural, plantation and hotel company (MF PRO SouthEast doo).